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3- 3 wednesday, jaauarry30th
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3 3
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3 3 3
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& 33 ww are continuing to follow -3 breakinn nnws out f alaaama this morning.. - 3&ppolice and ssat teams are surroundingga ruual proerty where a an suspected of ssootinggand illing a bus driver and then kidnapping a 6 police say the man bbarred a bus in dale county aad then shot the driver yesterday afteroon..h has ad tth chhldd - overnnggt.a neighbor spoke with one of the hildren ho managgd to escape thh bus rrght afteerwitnessinn the 3 terror oo board. 33 she ttld me wwen the young mmn &pennered thh bus, the gentleman told most of them to get off 5-year olddlittleeboy from phat we uuderstand anddshot thh bus drivvrrfour tiiess and uh, hat i uuderstand ids was & runniig down the road behind safety. " 3 are closed ooay while police try nd nd he stand off.
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3& phh pprrr hhlllhigh sccool classmmte on the first dday f 3 rodgers is heee wiih more on this story....ppuss & today's other top stories.good -33 morning, tom. 3lawyers for 15-yeaa-old robert be transferred o uvenile coorr. court.prosecutors charged glldden as an adulttwith nine counts of attemmted ffrss-- 3 degrre murder.he aalegedly waakeddinto the perry halll high school cafeteria on august 27th... and opened fire. hit in the back. hh'ss ow back at school aater being treeted at sookktrauma. 3&& fficials n balttmore ounty - unveii a 3-poont-7 & million-ddlllr plan... to immrove schhol sscurity..he controlled entrr sstems att & all schools... as well as camera systtms in all elemennaay and speeial from eachhschool would be 3 headquarters nd patrol caas. county executive kkvin - kaaenetz will seekkfundingg -3&pfrommthe ounty next week. 3 toddy... astronnut mark kelly a...
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on capitol hill.kelly is married to formmr &ppongresswoman gabby gifffrds. toggther they are pushing ffr ggnncontrol through an organizatton they recennlyy ptarted....callee "ameeicans &pkelly will beea wittess at the hearing... along with the payne lapierre. p -3 3 amid aal the superrowll -3& exciiement thhs week... ccmess accuses ray lewii of using a banned was this playoff game aggiint the colls... that ray lleis &preturned tt the ffeld affer & tearrng his tricep mmscll & eerliie in the season.but a report by sports illustratee &psays... it was a ubstance called deer antler spray thatt helped him ecover so uickly.. miicc ross... theeowner of sports ith alternntivessto &pllwis in his injuryyrehab.ross - says he provided tte products free of charge... innreturn... pe tood lewis to tell tte truth. 3 (mitch rosss (1:50) ray llwws is nnt wrong for using thhs
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protocol.alabama playyrs aae -3 not wronggfor geeting on the 3 smart because they re saving their bodies from damageeand injury.... 3prrscriied prograamwwicc ppoduues human ggrwth hhrmone and testosterone.deer elevet has been sed in chinese &pmedicinn for centuures... and harmless... the ssustance s yyers wwthhthe n---l.... lewis 3 just in time for theesuppr bowl... ssmeetroops servingg overseas... wwll get little thousand chicago-styye pizzaa will be deliiered tt soldiers it's through a program called &pvideo of employyes frrmmd--hl - express... loading up box after box of ready-to-bake pizzas on tuesday. p3
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3& you sayyyouull bee ravens fan or life... sooare yyu reaay too akeethat committmmnt permanent?? 3 avens tattoos are a very popular iiem right now in maryland, and joel d..smith is live in souuh baltimore at a super bowl specials. good morning joel d., whhch - one are ou etting? -3 3 3 3 33
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3 -3 3 it's he wardrobb malfunction... that's raising & eyybrrws everywheee. 3 take a looo at this videoooff actress jennifer lawrence walkinngon ssage... durinn the screen actorrssguild - appeaassherrdress áripss... ,3 causing herrto reach ddwn and - cover it up.but desiiner christian dior coutuer is &pputting the rumors to rest... paying it was just a separate layer of sheer fabric that was exposed.lawrenceeaacepped he
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female aator. ssmmeccuplesstake a yyar or -3 more to plan their wedding..ut -3 we're oing it in just one's our weddinn in a wwek cooness....and you can pnter to wiinan alll exxenses- -3 enter.. tell us in a should win.senn your eetry to -3&p""eddinn in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in paltimore.. 21211... &p3or log ooto foxbalttmore doo read theeofficial rules and pnclude a photo wiit our entry! pntryyitts all brought to you by the baltimmre briddl show at thh baltimore cooventiin &ppenner februaay 2nd andd3rd. 3 still ahead... the motor trend internntional auto show... is & coming to the baltimoree tickees... is jjst minutes aaay. 45 gooo day bltimore.. 3 ((bbmp ouu))
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3& ((breakk11) 3 33 enjoy a night of good food, &pmassagee and red!diamond's red 3 -3&p3& emily gracey joinss s for thiss morrings hometoon hotspot. - pell us abouttthe diamood's - red night out.. hhw much f 3 psuport the americaa heert 3&psee? 3 diamond's red ,
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3 night oot is friday ffbbuary and boutique. to earn more log on to fox baltimore ddo com slash morning.
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3 pebbuary is freezing... so we're warming ou up.. by - giving awwy cold haad cash.'s ourrfree-bru-aar giveaway!everyday in february weere ggvinggaaay 100- dollars an hour.if we call yoou ame bbt you don''tcall in.. yoorr 3& hour ffr omeone elseetooccll &pto gettyouurname in the box.. go to facebook dot com slash 3 can aaso go therr to rrad complete cootesttrules. 3 coming up... -- 3& a recall today... invooviig a &ppopullrritem sold at whole heallh risk ii poses. & 3 and e''e ot your chance to win tickets tt the motor trend internationnl auto show.listen in foo your cce to call... & ánext.á you''e watching fox 45 ggod ddy
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& baltimmre.
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3 ((bbeek 2)) 3 3
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- 3 &3
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3 p3 see the hottest new cars.. befooe ttey hit the road. the motor trenn internatioonl autoo & phow is coming to thee baatimore convention center &pfebruary 7th-10th. 7th-10th.the 4th nd 5th cclleessrighh nowwat 440-48114545 wwn a family 4 ppck f tickets to the show.go to foxbaltimore ddt com for -3 complete contesttrules. coming p... 33 eating... toollseeweight.thh &pyou trim the pounds the -3 faatest. & 3 leach says: "it hhppens likee 3 it doesn't stop."
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stop."aad a bizarre caseeof 3 paking national headlines.what students arr undergoing... on fox 45 good day balttmore. &p
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3 3 &p 3 whhle organizing your hooe and tons of pee things to gee i 3chhrlottt reed oins us for this mornings pet segment. - how should e
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start organizing our pet'ss 3 started?- whattelse do you have? charlotte reed
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33 willlbe answering ny questions you may have about pourr et ... innthe next half hour. pourr. 3 so if you hhvv a question... send us a twwee aa fox baltiiore or post aaccmmenn oon 3 commngguu... 3 meeting up... beffre the super bowll.hat the harbaugh prothers are rreortedly doinn &pttnightt.. that could end awkwardly..-&3&pyou're watching fox 45 good day baatimore.
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((breakk4)) -33 p3 p3 33 3 3
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3&p175 map 3 just like andace was teeling us... an accident on thh capiiallbbltway... eavvs &pcausessa headache commute for drivers. driversstom rodgers isshere witt more on this story... pood morning, tom.
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fireetrrck..t happened on the papital beltway... at roote 50 & pn laanover..- landover.the collision caused bott truckssto flip over... &pand hht an s-u-v on theeotherr side of the highway... hich also flipped over.7 poppe were iijured... including pfiiefighters.the acciddnt has & long. -3 3& governor o'malley is scheduled state" addrrss this fternoon. the govvrnor is eepected to touch oo theeefforts to reduce the staae' budget deficit... while mminntining it's triple-a credit rating.aa special memberroffthe audience &paddress.sister helen prejeen... the author of "deaa 3 listee to theegovernor... then - meet with leggslators to show her suppoot ffr the repeal of the death penalty in marylann. tackle the issue durinn thh legissattve sessiin. a rrcall today... involving palmmn solddaa whole foods. foods..he cmpaay is recalling
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its wild alaakan saammn... because offtte threat of listeria.the rrcallld prooucc & far... no illnesses have bben reported. day you it doon to eat... may help or hurt our chanccs of shedding ounds.thoseewho eet lunch before 33o'clock lose 25- percent mmre weight... thann those who eat after 3 ppm. researchers conduuted the stuuy in spain... wwere lunch is oftee eaatn laaer in thee -& 33 a massachusetts schhol about a dozen high schoolerr the hiccups. hiccups..heestate ddpartment offpublic health officials... are calling thee "vooal tics." studentsssay.... ii happens & every 2 minuuts... and takes a llng time to stop.the pubbic ddpprtmenttsays it's aware f -3 the issse... but will not comment publicly.. it's now enlissed he help o statee health officials. &&p3 o'keefeesays: "most peoppe have tics that are veryysimmle &and miggt be just time limited that come on wiih stress or with nnillness or wwthha
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pmmdicatiin and they'rr usually very simple ics." seen a cluster of vocal motor tics before... but notting healtt officials say... theee 3 we ontinue to see new t-shirt designs everyday for the super bool, but whaa &pabout ssme teaa loyaltt thht staysswith youu even whee your -3 clothes are off? - off? many fans are making getting ravens tattooo!! &psouth baatimore tt see which styyes are the moot popularr aad even which onessareeon ssle. ood &morning joel d. - 3
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3 3will they or on't hey?that'' 3 the harbaaug bbothers will meee p before the super bowl. bowl.well now we're learning átonightá... ooer inner. thaa's accorddng tt the raveess pight have a tough tiie ffndinggconverssaton starters.-3 ps oo now... nnthing s -3&poffiiially coofirred. covereddon ouu website... aal the way leading up to super & bowl sunday.head to fox bbltimore dot com and cllck on -3 thh "ray's last ride" bbnner at the op of the screen..- players... stories on the ravens upprrbowl runn. aad related sittss-33 can also click on "haabaugh versus harbaugh" to find a page dedicated to suuerr bowl has all the
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sunday's game... and facts onn all 446past super bowll get 3 ballimore dot com. & 3 coming up... - weere taking your quustions about pets. pets.our phonn lines are penn & now... just call the number on &pyoorrscreen.;.. 410--81- 3&p you're watching fox &p45 good day baltimore. -
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join us again this year “jesus christ is my lord and savior.” “preach the gospel at all times if necessary use words. for inspiring stories “his grace and his mercy, there's nothing better.” “follow your dream. follow what god has put in your heart.” “that's what jesus wants, is our heart.” from the teams of superbowl 47 “always remember to give god all the praise, glory and honor.” on the 700 club, thursday.
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3 ((break 5)) 3 ((ad lib meteorolooist))
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coming p... one of our water.our pet expert will e your uestion..ust call the number on your screen... 410--81145455you're waaching poo 45 ggod day baatimmree 3((
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3 we are back itt 3& ettexpert charlotte reed.she
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is hhre t answer quessions so now is your hance to gee free advice... just call p10-481-45-45 right now. 3 3 &p3 john - "what can i do to makk my og moreeactive? she likes to sit n the couch all ddy and do nothingg" 3 amber - "how do i 33 know if m cat is heddinn too much?" much?" &p3&pkym - "what can i do
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to gt my doggto drink more waterr" water??" 3pisaa- ""hht is the
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3best ay to potty train a &p 3 commng up... p3 aa3-courseedinner... foo a - fraction of the ppice.a sneak -3 peek at the deals eiig offered... at reesaurant week. ddy baltimore.
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3 graaba three-couuse dinner for just 30-dollaas and 13-cent. 3 restauranttweek. ccef john shieeds from gertrude's joins &pus this orning with more. - are ou offering
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33 luuch aad ddnner for & restaurant week?--what are you -3 cooking ttday?- what else is included in tte rrstaurrat 3 to learn more llg 3 on toofox baltimore ot com slashhmorning. 3 poming upp.. 3 therees a risk of seveee
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3 is back to let us know when... -3 plus whennwe could see a ddp paltimore. -3
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3 weight.why when you at lunch 3 45 news at five.
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